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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Natalie Portman praised her rival, Scarlett
Johansson, who compete for some attentions of King Henry VIII in the Other
Boleyn Girl

The Pirates of the Caribbean told Hollywood Today, “It was really one of my
best, if not my best, acting experience opposite someone my age. [It] was so
exciting to get to see someone I admired up close."

The actress also convinced that their contention in the movie won't be brought
into the real world.

She said, " In terms of working with each other, Scarlett was like a total dream
partner to work with. It felt like we were on the same team, and yet there was
the fact that she was always so present and so focused and so real, like I could
just believe everything and stay in the scene and feel supported.”

Source: Hollywood Today

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